Nico Burger Game - Translated

Nico Burger Tower (2 - 6 Players)

  1. Place all the different Burger pieces onto the serving mat.
  2. Shuffle the entire deck of cards and place them face down.
  3. During a player's turn, do the following:
  • Draw a card form the deck
  • Stack the shown piece(s) onto the tower. 
    • If a volume up card is drawn, draw another card till you get a standard burger order. Stack the pieces shown on the burger order card with the volume up pieces shown.
    • If a tong card has been drawn, draw another card. Stack the piece(s) shown on the second card using a tong.
  • The game ends when a player topples the tower resulting in that players' lost. 


Nico Burger Chef (2 - 4 Players)

Card Drawn  Card Effect
Burger Card  Construct the list Burger as indicated on the card.
Volume Up! Card Add 1 piece of listed ingredient to the burger order.
Take Out Card Wrap the burger order with the shown wrapping paper.
  1. Place all the different burger pieces onto the side of the serving mat.
  2. Shuffle the entire deck of cards and place them face down, in the middle of the serving mat.
  3. Draw cards till you have 3 Burger order cards per player. 
  • If a Volume Up! / Take Out card has been drawn, keep drawing till you draw a burger card. Combine the effects of all card drawn onto the burger card.
  • As soon as all 3 orders have been revealed, players can race to assemble their orders as fast as possible. 
  • First player to complete their 3 orders and place them on the designated spaces (Grey Squares) in sequence, ends the game.
  • Play with the most completed and accurate orders wins the game!

*Difficulty can be adjusted by adding or removes the Volume Up! and Take Out cards.


Nico Burger Shogi (2 Players)

  1. Set the serving mat in the middle of the table.
  2. One player takes 4 fresh bun pieces and 3 tomato pieces. The other player takes 4 burnt bun pieces and 3 meat patty pieces. 
  3. Arrange them in a horizontal row in alternation order (Bun, Tomato/Patty, Bun....)
  4. Players then can move one piece, either vertically or horizontally, across any number of spaces.
  • A piece that has been moved this turn, cannot be moved on the next turn.
  • To capture an opponent's piece, two of your pieces has to surround the opponent's piece, on opposite sides. (Up & Down or Left & Right)
  • The game ends when one player captures any piece belonging to their opponent. 

*Diagonal movement and capture is not allowed

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