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EYEUP - Oh! Sushi Game

It doesn't get more Japanese than this: 10 different games all using a set of pieces shaped like nigiri sushi! The?Oh! Sushi Game?is all the fun you'd expect and will help you built some skills which will prove very handy during your next trip to Japan among them, your use of chopsticks, your knowledge of a sushi menu, or the classic strategy game shogi (Japanese chess).

Oh! Sushi Game's basic gameplay is building?Jenga-like towers (taking blocks stacked in a tower formation one by one and placing it on the topmost story. If the tower falls, you lose). But its creators have come up with several variations, including making a tower with chopsticks, picking your next piece using a die, or using the pieces as shogi pieces, dominoes, flash cards for memory games, and even as bullets for a variation of Russian roulette with wasabi.

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